Workforce planning, diversity, program adoption, policy, resourcing, market position, metrics & reporting.


Branding, advertising & marketing, social media, job boards, referrals, pipeline programs & campus relationships.


Recruitment systems & tools, candidate care, candidate communication & selection strategy.

Program Delivery

Performance support, training & development, rotation management, onboarding & leader engagement.

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Kelly Pfeffer

Kelly has specialised in early careers talent programs for 13+ years in both private and public sector organisations.  This includes working in industries such as Finance, Insurance, Technology, Engineering and Consulting with programs operating across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

Kelly is passionate about helping organisations deliver the best program outcomes possible, whether it be an entire program review or support with key elements within the program.

Maturity Model specialisation:

Nathan Clark

Nathan works with young professionals to primarily develop leadership capability and communication skills. He has deep experience working in the financial services, government, technology and resources industries, across Australia, Asia and the UK. 

As an accredited DiSC practitioner, Nathan specialises in helping graduates understand and adapt their communication styles. He regularly delivers workshops focused on presentation skills, personal branding, working virtually, dealing with change & abiguity, and leading without authority. 

Maturity Model specialisation:

Services Nathan offers


Services Kelly offers


Kelly Stone

Kelly writes clever and charismatic recruitment communication that enhances the candidate experience (and consequently, brand engagement). She’s worked for and with government, financial & professional services, recruiters, tech, and L&D consulting.

As a former graduate recruiter and forever millennial, Kelly’s trying to phase out jargony corp-speak so employers better engage with young attention spans;  specialising in candidate journey content strategy, candidate and new hire email campaigns, and helping employers nail their brand voice online.

Maturity Model specialisation:

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